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Anita Necklace
Anita Necklace
Anita Necklace

Anita Necklace

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 The Anita Necklace

The Lord's Prayer & Serenity Pray Charm is powerful statements to a soul that they are protected, and loved.  What a wonderful piece to have near your heart to remind you of unconditional love and power. 

The paperclip gold filled chain is approximately 20 inches, and the Prayer Medallion is 1'1/4 inch in circumference. (Chain lengths can be customized)

Gold Filled Lord’s Prayer and Serenity Prayer Charm.

The collecting of jewelry as symbols to both protect, heal and commemorate is as ancient as storytelling itself. We look to jewelry not just for adornment but as a way to remind us of times, and events of our lives.  We wear jewelry to promote love, luck and self empowerment. We wear jewelry to dispel negative energy. We find strength and solidarity in the wearing of symbolic charms, and tokens when they are worn with intention.

Villager Jewelry has a passion for beauty and simplicity. At its heart is a love of storytelling through unique jewelry. That connection with the past has evolved into creating an artfully curated blend of antique looking, and modern jewelry into fresh and new designs.  

The Villager Collections are meant to be mixed and matched and worn in layers and endless combinations.